Music for Young Saxophone Ensemble

In June of 2011 my good friend Oliver Fairley, a consummate saxophonist and educator, came to me with the seed of an idea: create a saxophone ensemble with the students in his studio. I jumped at the chance, and we dove in with both feet. In the two years since, the ensemble has expanded from one ensemble of seven saxophonists to, at high times, three ensembles with many doublings. The music has been composed in sets of three to four compositions and arrangements for each session (four per year). Each of these groups of music progressed with the technique and taste of the students in the ensembles. With over eighteen works for the ensemble, and more coming every session, this project has been one of my favorites, both musically and educationally. For all of the works, my good and humble saxophone section from my big band (Cam Collins, Jay Rattman, Lucas Pino & Alex LoRe - among others) have donated their time to record each of the works so that the kids had a concrete example of the works. These are the recordings that you will find located in the  Saxophone Ensemble  section in my catalogue.

Music Before Words @ Explore + Discover

In the spring of 2015, Renee Bock and I initiated a new music program at Explore + Discover, an early learning center in downtown Manhattan. After a one month trial, the program has been expanded to a full year program 2015-16. Read more about it in Renee's article for New York Family. Read the full article, here:


Pre-School Music Curriculum

In May 2013 after working with 1 1/2 - 5 year olds for nine months, I was asked to write a summer program for them. The gracious people at the Children's Learning Center in Manhattan were extremely supportive in this endeavor. Each of the four weeks was broken into a different family of world instruments. Each day the children listened to music, saw pictures, danced, and improvised. And each week was accompanied with a special guest instrumentalist and the making of an instrument. I have included the final weekly write-up for the camp in a slide show format. Inquiries about this curriculum or others like it should email me directly.