Ad Hoc

 April 2013

Duration: 8'20" 

Composed for Ad Hoc Trio w. Christian Sands & Mark Whitfield Jr. 

Instrumentation: Improvising Trio - Full Romantic Orchestral Compliment 

America The Beautiful

(Samuel A. Ward) 

a compositional arrangement for vocalists, improvising saxophonist, and orchestra

June 2011

Premiered: September 2011 with the Harrisburg Symphony Orchestra

Featuring Tim Warfield

Duration: 6'36" 

Instrumentation: Saxophonist - Prerecorded Audio Track - Full Romantic Orchestral Compliment  


for Rich Perry

March 2013

Featuring Saxophonist Rich Perry

Duration: 7' 

Instrumentation: Improvising Saxophone Soloist - Full Romantic Orchestral Compliment

The Constant North

(Text by J.F. Hendry - All Rights Reserved) 

February 2010

Duration: 3'30" 

Featuring Soprano Andrea Carroll

Instrumentation: Soprano - Full Romantic Orchestral Compliment

Democratic Symphony

January 2014

Commissioned and Premiered by the Harrisburg Symphony Youth Orchestra

Duration: 14'

How Can I Keep My Soul in Me? 

Dialogue for Piano and Orchestra

October 2011

Composed for Soloist Christian Sands

Duration: 10'28" 

Instrumentation: Improvising Piano Soloist - Full Studio Orchestral Compliment (Including 5 saxophones) 

Maybe Never

March 2012

Featuring vocalist Kate Davis

Duration: 2'55" 

Instrumentation: Vocalist - Rhythm Section - Full Romantic Orchestral Compliment

Piano Concerto No. 1

February 2012

Commissioned and Performed by Erika Dohi

Duration: 3 Movements - 28' 

Instrumentation: Chamber Orchestra - 3 Flutes - Oboe - 2 Bb Clarinets - Bass Clarinet - Soprano Saxophone  

Bassoon - 2 Horns - 2 Trumpets - 2 Trombones - Percussion - Solo Mallet Percussionist - Piano - Strings

Suite for Duke

(Through-Composed work based on Ellington Themes) 

Commissioned by Steve Wilson & The Vermont Mozart Festival  

May 2010

Premiered: August 2010 by the Vermont Mozart Festival Chamber Orchestra

Duration: 18' 

Instrumentation: Solo Alto Saxophone - Bass - Single Winds - Trumpet - Harp & Strings